Tuesday, July 25, 2006

include file (Asp on IIS 5.0) It does'nt work with IIS 6.0

(Asp on IIS 5.0) It does'nt work with IIS 6.0
Hi all,I develope a Website base on IIS 5.0. all function work well on IIS 5.0.Now the administrator upgrade to IIS 6.0, now my website does'nt work. I debug and found that if file asp have this line it will displays " HTTP 500 - Internal server error Internet Explorer"Then i move class folder into and make it become subfolder and modify the line It run well.pls show me what happen with my website. How do i configure IIS 6.0 to my Website can run on IIS 6.0Thanks

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You are looking for the "enable parent paths" property. Before IIS6 this behaviour was enabled by default, with IIS6 it's disabled. You can either change the IIS setting, or recode your pages to use


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